In 1975, five musicians and mates from New Malden came together and briefly blazed the flame of creativity. The name was dreamt up outside the Hand in Hand on Wimbledon Common and aprè-rehearsal was celebrated in the local curry house. Their manager called it ‘bourgeois rock’ but it didn’t catch on. Lots of London pubs were played and much fun was had in Gloria, an old Transit van; sic transit gloria mundi: there goes a sick and mundane Transit called Gloria.


Bass: Roy Wiles

Guitar & vocal: Chris Hawes

Keyboards: Ron Colverson

Acoustic guitar & vocal: Dick Gregory

Drums: Clive Rutledge

Musical arrangement: Roy Wiles

Playmates (R. Wiles)

Hard Lines, Soft Shoulders (R. Gregory)

It Really Doesn't Matter (C. Hawes)

Lobster Robespierre (R. Wiles)

Ned Kelly Helmet (R. Wiles)

Rhino's Pelvis (R. Wiles)

Absolutely Squirrels (R. Wiles)

Morocco (C. Hawes)

All lyrics and music © 1975

Band logo and script by Dick Gregory © 1975

Live head shots in The Ship, Wandsworth, by Nick Bullen © 1976

Group pose by Janel Minors © 1975

Band management by Malcom Roberts.

First six tracks recorded at Eltham, London, engineered by Steve Taylor.

All rights of the artist, the producers and the owners of the works reproduced reserved.

Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of these recordings prohibited.